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Leica TCRP 1201 R300 Robotic Total Station

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Price: 4531.00USD

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Used condition Leica TCRP1201 R300 Robotic Total Station

Manufacture date 2006, has calibrated and Ready to work

This sale includes:
- 1X TCRP1201 R300, 1” (0.3 mgon) total station with reflectorless EDM, Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) Power Search, Laser plummet, 1 keyboard with touch screen, Electronic guild light (EGL), standard applications, user manual and Container.

- 1X GKL221 Charger pro
- 2X GDI221, Adapter for GKL221 for charging 2 Li-lon batteries GEB221,GEB211
- 1X AC Power cable
- 2X GEB221 battery
- 1X Sun Shade
- 1X MCF256, Compact flash card 256MB
- 1X Plastic carry case
- 1X Tool kit
- 1X Plastic rain cover
- 1X GDF121 Tribrach w/o optical plummet
- 1X TPS 1200+ user manual
- 1X TPS1200+ Appl.field manual
- 3 months warranty
- 1X GEV189 cable TPS/DNA-USB


* we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit
* We are selling this as a complete set and will not separate.
* Do not assume anything, If it is not shown in the pictures or written in the description, chances are, it does not come with it!