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Leica Viva GS15 SmartRover + CS10 Low Hours


Price: 6750.00USD

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Demo Condition 2012 Leica Viva GS15 GNSS with CS10 Low Hours


This setup is guaranteed to function properly, This is a new/ demo unit with the latest instaled 4.03 software.

This Complete gsm rover sale includes:
- 1X GS15 gnss receiver
- 1X CS10 controller
- 3X batteries
- 1X pole
- 1X cradle
- 1X clamp
- 1X charger
- 1X Carrying Case


* we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit
* We are selling this as a complete set and will not separate.
* Do not assume anything, If it is not shown in the pictures or written in the description, chances are, it does not come with it!