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Leica TS30 R1000 Monitoring Total Station Low hours

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Demo Condition 2011 Leica TS30 0.5 sec R1000 Monitoring Total Station

Precision total station, 1 owner purchased sinced desember 2011 and have a low hours
Leica Type TS30 0.5" total station with reflectorless EDM (R1000)
PowerSearch, automatic target recognition,  electronic guide light EGL, communication sidecover,  internal memory, laser plummet, Software completely on board!
with: tripod, 2 x battery, charger, case and radio Handle + 360 degree precision prism
This device also has a current test certificate!

This Sale include everything and ready to work:
- 1X TS 30 Year built: 2011
- 1X tripod GDF 111
- 1X charger
- 2X battery GEB
- 1X charger adapter GKL 221 shells with GDI,
- 1X Manual and RadioHandle (radio modem for use as a 1 man Staion)
- 1X Precision 360 degree prism!
- 1X RX 1250 Tc
- Internal software: complete
- Case


* we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit
* We are selling this as a complete set and will not separate.
* Do not assume anything, If it is not shown in the pictures or written in the description, chances are, it does not come with it!