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Flir Thermacam P65 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Camera

Price: 5755.00USD

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Used condition Flir ThermaCAM P65 Thermal Imaging Camera Temperature Up to +1500C


This is a High Grade, top of the line infrared camera. It is in excellent condition and it is in perfect working order.
Buy it Now and you will receive 2 extra batteries for the camera and free shipping!

The FLIR ThermaCAM™ P65: the perfect choice for maintenance professionals who realize that infrared imaging and measurement can save their companies millions each year. The P65 features everything you need to make well-informed maintenance decisions.

• Outstanding image quality
• Precision non-contact temperature measurement
• Visual and thermal imaging
• Text and voice annotation
• Bluetooth technology
• Auto-focus
• Ergonomic, lightweight and portable
• Wireless communication
• High speed image download
• Fully radiometric JPEG storage
• Burst and AVI recording

This sale included:
· Flir P65 IR camera with High temp filter up to 1500Co
· Remote Keypad with 4”LCD display
· Built in digital Camera
· LED Inspection Lamp to assist digital camera
· Laser Pointer
· Shoulder/neck strap
· User manual booklet
· 256MB SD card
· 2 Batteries with a double charger and power supply/ adapter
· Video, USB and Fire Wire connecting cables
· One copy of Flir Reporter 9 (trial) and Flir QuickReport software packages.


The camera is used, with very little ware on it and it is in a perfect working order, guaranteed! It will be shipped in the original Pelican case, including the original accessories listed above.


* we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit
* We are selling this as a shown in pic and will not separate.